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The CSC Approach 

Career-Span Competence is a dynamic expectation – a moving target if we look across a group of professionals.


From the perspective of a regulatory body, whereas entry-level competence can and should be micro-managed, the only way to effectively manage Career-Span Competence is to take a high-level view and leave micro-management to the individual registrant.

Enter: the Career-Span Competencies!

The Career-Span Competencies:

  • Are a cluster of 15 behavioural principles that should guide the performance of all professionals

  • Apply across professions, across roles and across work settings

  • Are broadly stated and include interpretation statements to explain their application; interpretation statements can – and should – be tailored by the professional to suit their individual practice

The Career-Span Competencies provide:

  • A powerful way of looking at how competence develops over a professional’s career span

  • A structure for developing organizational programming for professionals (such as regulatory quality assurance / quality improvement programs)

  • An approach that meets organizational needs to manage Career-Span Competence, AND resonates meaningfully with individual professionals by giving them control of their own professional development to be the best they can be

If you would like to learn more about how the Career-Span Competence Approach can help support your organization and the individuals it represents, please contact us.

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