How can professionals "be the best they can be" throughout their career?

Entering a profession requires completing standardized education and assessment to ensure entry-level competence.

But then what?

People like to talk about “Continuing Competence” – but few can clearly define that, and in reality it's not simple!  Competence develops over a professional’s career-span, and it does so in areas related to the specifics of their personal practice.

Across a group of professionals, Career-Span Competence (as we more accurately label it) is in fact highly individualized, and something of a Moving Target.

How do we define, let alone manage, a moving target?


Collectively we bring to bear more than 50 years of consulting experience.

CSC Approach

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We offer Career-Span Competence solutions through our CSC products and consulting services, to customize a solution for you.

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