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The CSC Collaborative is made up of 4 individual consultants with diverse expertise who have pooled their knowledge, skills, and experience to create and apply the Framework for Career-Span Competence. Combined we have over 50 years of experience working with clients to generate meaningful deliverables.

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    Catalysis Consulting

    David began full-time consulting work after many years as an accomplished educator and administrator, with broad experience in post-secondary education (both public and private).  To fully engage his expertise in outcome-based learning, in 1998 David founded Catalysis Consulting and remains as its owner and principal consultant.

    David’s early focuses were the development of competency-based professional standards, and education program accreditation.  Later work incorporated the design of assessment procedures for entry-to-practice in the professions, derived from workplace expectations.

    Throughout David’s consulting work developing standards for entry-to-practice competence, he has faced from clients the obvious, but far-reaching, question: what happens to a professional’s entry-to-practice abilities over time, and how can the commonly-expressed expectation for “continuing competence” be properly understood and meaningfully managed? Fast-forward to the Framework for Career-Span Competence and the work of the CSCCollaborative…

    More about David: www.catalysisconsulting.net

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    Spire Psychometrics

    Greg has served the testing and applied research communities since the early 2000's.  He specializes in creating psychometric solutions for the certification & licensure sector, mostly in Canada.  Before starting Spire Psychometrics in 2018, he was the EVP Psychometrics & Chief Scientific Officer for Yardstick Assessment Strategies, in which he served since 2010.


    Greg’s professional mission is to carefully understand client needs and to connect them with testing solutions that meet and exceed expectations.  He provides excellent value to clients through his extensive experience in creating defensible examinations, his ability to incorporate emerging best practice, and his partnerships with other providers and industry thought leaders. Greg’s  goal is to provide industry-leading psychometric and testing solutions, aligned with the needs and constraints of client organizations.

    More about Greg: www.spirepsychometrics.com

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    North Van Pain Clinic

    Brad has been a practicing doctor of traditional Chinese medicine since 2000.  During that time, he has been extensively involved in professional regulatory projects related to high-stakes licensing exams and continuing-competence / quality assurance.  Brad has provided his expertise in developing entry-to-practice competency profiles for TCM and, in partnership with his CSC Collaborative colleagues, he helped to develop the Career-Span Competencies as an entirely new way to look at QA for regulated professionals.  Brad’s private practice is in North Vancouver, BC.

    Brad is passionate about working closely with clients in order to fully understand their requirements.  His goal is to help organizations bring about meaningful change so that professionals can be the best they can be.

    More about Brad: www.northvanpainclinic.com

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    10Peaks Consulting

    Ania is a seasoned qualitative and mixed methods researcher, consultant and former massage therapist.  Since the late 2000’s, she has contributed to the development, implementation and assessment of high-impact health interventions and programming, in both the public and private health sectors.  She made valuable contributions to the conceptualization of the Framework for Career-Span Competence and worked closely with CSC Collaborative colleagues to develop career span competencies and indicators for the massage therapy profession in Ontario. In addition, she is making important contributions in the shift to an evidence-informed approach within the massage therapy profession.

    Ania’s goal is to work closely with clients to clearly articulate problems and co-design customized solutions that effectively address their needs.  She balances an evidence-informed approach with one that responds to stakeholder experiences and perceptions.

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